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Micro USB Li-Ion Battery Charger (3.7v) 

Rude Nora micro USB 3.7v Li-Ion battery pack charger. Charges pretty much any 3.7v li-ion battery pack (parallel wired li-ion cells), or single cell. Quality 20 AWG USB lead available. more info 



USB Li-Ion Battery Charger (7.4v)

USB powered 7.4v Li-Ion battery pack charger. JST connector. Suitable for charging Scurion caving lamps. Essential expedition accessory.  



Nora Micro USB Charger

Clear Plastic Lamp Window

Machine cut window, manufactured in UK. 69mm diameter, 5mm thick, 6 equally spaced holes for m3 clearance on circ 61mm PCD. Ideal for self build caving light. 



69mm Front Window

CustomDUO Shop 

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Blind Bat LED light housing

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Sump Donkey Heatsink

Dusk Runner - bonkers !!

Ultra light weight runners wrist light, only 6g. Bizarre thing built mostly to see what can be achieved with latest low power SMD LEDs and cr2032 battery.  Including mens 20mm velcro wrap around adventure sport style watch strap. more info




Sorry, out of stock




Clear Plastic Square Window

Machine cut window, manufactured in UK. 50mm square, with 4 holes, for alloy project boxes of same size (50h x 50w x 20d). Project box not included.



50mm Square Window

3 x AA battery holder

Sick of troublesome plastic AA holders with poor battery fitment and gash coil spring connections. Nora 3 x AA battery holders, 3.6-4.5v nominal. Fits Petzl Zoom box !! Comes with JST connector, but easily adaptable to your requirement.



Nora AA Holder

Voltage Gizmo

Quickly check state of charge / discharge of li-ion battery packs. Fitted with JST connector to suit 3.7 v battery packs such as Rude Nora (4.2v charged / <3v discharged). Can also be used for series wired packs. E.g. 2s 7.4v packs such as Scurion (8.4v charged / <6v discharged). Handy if wishing to store battery packs part charged !! Maximum voltage 30v.  




7.4v USB Charger

AA 'Expedition' battery holders for Scurion caving lamps

Works with the regular Scurion caving lamp battery box. Useful option for back-up, or expedition where charging could be problematic, or when your li-ion batteries have been confiscated at airport !! No return clearance item. Discontinued. more info


£14   Low stock


Stenlight Battery Pack 

Anodised aluminium alloy battery box (original Little Monkey box from 2008) with protected 7.4v 2.6Ah li-ion cell pack, chunky 4.6mm diameter cable, and connector suitable for Stenlight. Robust replacement for original heat shrunk packs. Fixed to helmet with shock cord. Weight approx 175g. 


£60  Limited stock - contact us

Nora Battery Charge Gizmo

18650 underground battery container 

Edna rude tube !! Robust, water tight battery container (aka bottle preform), useful for underground transportation of 18650 battery. Mixed colours (black, yellow, green, blue).

£4 (single) - £10 (pack of 4) 

18650 battery container

Scallywag Charger

12v car chargers for Scurion and Stenlight, and other 7.4v Li-Ion battery packs. more info



Fleabi Modules

Multi purpose bi-pin and MES (mini edison screw) LED units, featuring SMD and Cree XP-G LEDs. Clearence, mostly sold out. more info


Sorry, out of stock

Blind Bat Lamp Housing 

Custom machined aluminium anodised LED lamp housing. Clearance stock from now discontinued Blind Bat LED photography lamps. Including front window, Oring, cable gland, 6x screws, and 25cm dc cable (not shown). Could suit DIY project build of caving / photography light, or other projects such as high spec camper van lighting or similar. Diameter 53mm x 12mm (internal dia. 34mm x 8mm). 5 bar depth rating. Body has a 1/4" 20 tpi mounting thread for standard tripod, hot shoe adapter etc. LEDs, circuitry and cable not included. No return clearance stock, while available. 



Sump Donkey Heatsink for Diving Canister Light

Custom machined, solid aluminium heatsink from now discontinued Sump Donkey LED module for Diverite cannister lights. Would suit DIY LED conversion of diving cannister lamp. Diameter 35mm x 35mm long, 7.5mm dia. bore. Bare heatsink, LEDs and current regulation circuitry etc not included.  Well suited to designs incorporating 35mm triple LED optics. No return clearance stock, while available. 



Battery Holder