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Caving Torches !! 


A selected range of durable caving backup and cave diving lights. Not manufactured by us, but the best that we have identified for various caving related applications.

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CD-JBU 'caving backup light'  (1x AAA battery)

Top quality alloy flashlight, the best single AAA backup light we have identified, from high end manufacturer. IPX8 rated, 2m submersion. 3 power settings with durable twist switch operation. Stated ouput, low (1.5 lumen, 35 hours), medium (25 lumen, 4 hours) and high (fairly bright, 135 lumen). No daft strobe settings. Very effective as caver backup light. Ideal for using on a neck cord, and snoopied to helmet if ever required. Cree XP-G2 LED. 70mm x 13mm, weighing just 13g without battery. For best performance use Energizer Lithium Ultra AAA LR03 L92 (1.5v) or equivalent. Battery not included.


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CD-JB1 'caving backup light'  (1x regular AA or 1x 14500 li-ion battery)

The best AA / 14500 backup light! Single AA or rechargeable 14500 li-ion battery for extra grunt on high setting. 3 power settings with durable twist switch operation. Low (1.5 lumen for 100 hours), medium (30 lumen, 9 hours) and high (150 lumen for 1 hour using AA battery, or 480 lumen for 0.5 hours using 14500 cell). Cree XP-G2 LED, around 6000k. 85mm x 20mm, weighing just 20g without battery. IPX8 rated, 2m submersion. Could be attached to side of helmet, or of course worn on a neck cord. When compared to most single AA torches, this light has the distinct bonus of being cabable of running from 14500 li-ion cells. Compare performance to Fenix E05 or similar, that can only use regular AA batteries. Battery not included.


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CD-SF3 'diving light'  (1x 18650 li-ion battery)

Quality diving torch. Could be used as a helmet mounted primary or secondary diving light, readily attachable with conveniently curved profile. 100m manufacturer depth rating. Features a durable external rotary switch, providing 3 easily selected power settings. Runtimes using a single 18650 li-ion cell are given as low 85 lumen (10hr), medium 350 lumen (2hr20mins) and high 800 lumen (55mins), which doesn't seem unrealistic from meaty Cree XM-L2 LED. Around 6000k cool white. Deep reflector providing strong beam, well suited to diving! Can accommodate all protected and unprotected cells that we have tested with, including popular Panasonic ncr18650b flat top cells. Pictures show helmet mounted with Nora 3-dive lamp. 145mm x 25-40mm, weighing 175g (without battery) so no biggy if you are going to be spending time out of the water the wrong side of sumps! Battery not included.


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CD-ZF1 'caving backup light'  (1x 18650 li-ion battery)

High quality 18650 light. Rugged dual switches, IPX68 2m depth rating, and hidden sealed USB charging. 4 continuous light settings; 1 lumen (550 hrs), 50 (22hrs), 290 (6hrs), 590 (2.5hrs), plus 30s 'flare' level providing up to 1240 lumen. Ideal for checking out avens, or looking down big pitches before running away. Cree XP-L v6 at 5000k max for better colour, depth and just less tiring on eyes (or annoying to others). A feature packed light, with low battery charge indication, battery protection, thermal protection and more. Also has a couple of stobe sos settings but these are easily avoided. Runs on 1x 18650 or 2x CR123 / 16340. Solid yet compact build, weighing 93g, 136mm x 28mm. Not so big that it couldn't still happily be used as a helmet mounted side backup caving light, for expedition etc. Battery not included.


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