Dusk Runner

The Dusk Runner is an ultra light weight running light, worn on the wrist, using wrap around velcro 'Animal' style watch straps. It should be noted that this is very much a prototype product.


The continuous light is just enough to pick your way along a trail in failing light. It's fundamentally a get out of the shit tool, when you fully intended to beat the last light of the day home. Similarly, the blink mode is just enough to let traffic know you are around if you hit a short section of country road. They work well enough and have solved the problem of somebody (who shall remain nameless) going running at the end of the day and getting caught by last light; but is far too much of a weight weenie to take a head torch or anything else with any weight to it.


We must concede that we mostly manufactured these to see what could be achieved with very efficient white SMD LEDs, and nothing more than a cr2032 battery. Frankly, we are slightly struggling to envisage this as anything more than a novel prototype product. We don't envisage designing a production version of the Dusk Runner. This said, so far these have also proved handy caving (as backup light and underground camping), general camping, walking a country road back to caving hut from pub, getting up in middle of night at caving (or mountain) hut for a jimmy riddle without disturbing others, and even ticket clipping at a festival (or any low light environment)...... so you never know !!   



  • Ultra light weight running wrist light
  • 2 light setting, continuous light and blink 
  • Very efficient white SMD LED
  • Fits standard 20mm wrap around velcro watch straps 
  • Light weight, 6g (around 20g with watch strap & battery)
  • requires 1x cr2032 batttery (not included)





Runners wrist light .... bizarre !!