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now available with new Cree XP-G3 s5 LEDs providing minimum of 172 lumen/watt @85degC and 187 lumen/watt @25degC. Light temperature 5000K (neutral white)


PL 'Club' Module  


Simple to operate, entry level LED conversion module for mining lamp headsets, aimed at caving club and outdoor centre lamps, or anyone who just wants a really simple to operate lamp.












Output lumen figures provided are for XP-G2 LEDs (@156 lumen/watt). Output figures for new XP-G3 LEDs (@172 lumen/watt) will be proportionally higher.






2 practical regulated power settings. Nothing too high or too low. Very simple to operate, from two position mining lamp switch. Good duration and novice proof !


Latest Cree XP-G2 LEDs (5500k). 


Practical 156 lumen (350mA regulated) forward bias flood light, with mini reflector, operated from one side of switch. The suggested normal mode of opertation. 


265 lumen (700mA regulated) diffused focus spot. Easily operated from opposite side of switch.  A useful and bright option.


Solder jumper allows hard setting of spot beam to lower level, 156 lumen at 350mA (desolder jumpers labelled 'spot boost' to achieve lower 350mA setting).


Suitable for 3 or 4 cell battery arrangements (3.6v-6.0v) including Speleotechnics FX3, headlites etc.


PL 'club' modules do not draw any current when battery is connected and LEDs switched off. 






Please note; fitting guide shows previous generation modules. The basic principal remains the same. Contact us if you experience any difficulties.


The PL Club module has; 1 red wire connected within lamp unit directly to the +ve feed from the battery pack, and 2 black wires, connected on the -ve feed from the battery to either side of the Oldham / CEAG switch. 


CustomPITLAMP Fitting & Operation Guide 


As the maximum input for the PL modules is 6.0 volts, they are not suitable for use with Speleo Technics FX5, Kirby kidney packs or other 5 cell arrangements that charge up to 7.0+ volts.   







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International orders welcome. We are currently shipping internationally (outside UK) at no extra postal charge.  For more details please see International Delivery