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now available with new Cree XP-G3 s5 LEDs providing minimum of 172 lumen/watt @85degC and 187 lumen/watt @25degC. Light temperature 5000K (neutral white)

PL Omni v5 Module   
The PL Omni v5 incorporates twin spot and flood LEDs, operated both together, or separately, in varying degrees;
The PL v5 features the latest CreeLEDs, delivering potential light outputs of up to 570 lumen, and offers user programmable power settings. The spot and flood LEDs can be operated separately, or blended together at a range of power settings, in a sequence that best suits your individual needs.
PL Omni v5 also features a separate low power comfort LED (warm white) on independent circuit
The brightest and most effective mining lamp insert on the market.


The 'Omni' is suitable for lamps that run from 3.6 volts to 5.5 volts (maximum), typically a 3 or 4 cell battery configuration. This includes Speleo Technics Headlites and FX3s, and lead acid mining lamps.







Twin high power s3 XP-G2 LEDs (156 lumen @ 350mA @ 85 degC) 5500k neutral tint, as standard


r4 3000k (130 lumen/watt at 350mA) warm LEDs also available. 


Smooth spot optic for distant focus & optically enhanced flood LED, for maximum usability.


LEDs operated separately or blended together.


Programmable; range of power combinations (see table below) to best suits your individual requirements.


570 lumen output (combined high spot 285 lumen and high flood 285 lumen).


Separate low power comfort LED (warm white) on independent circuit. 


Super robust circuit architecture. Custom heat sink, and discreet thermal management.


Simple fitting, 3 screw terminal connections in Oldham / CEAG headset.


No power drain when lamp is switched 'off' with batteries connected.


Progressive dimming at end of battery charge, i.e. lamp will not just shut off when batteries are flat and cannot sustain full output.


Output lumen figures provided are for XP-G2 LEDs (@156 lumen/watt). Output figures for new XP-G3 LEDs (@172 lumen/watt) will be proportionally higher.







Operation (factory default settings)



To switch between the four default power settings (see following table), in a looping sequence, use one side of  the switch on the Oldham / CEAG lamp unit. Switch on-off-on to sequence between settings 1-2-3-4 ... 1-2 etc.


Use the other side of the Oldham / CEAG switch to operate moon mode (low output warm flood LED).


Omni v5 features 3 second 'last' mode memory. When the lamp has been on for more than 3 seconds in any setting and is switched off; when switched back on it will automatically restart in the last used setting. 


Output lumen figures provided are for XP-G2 LEDs (@156 lumen/watt). Output figures for new XP-G3 LEDs (@172 lumen/watt) will be proportionally higher.


 Setting (switch in sequence)Spot LED Flood LED Output (est.)Duration (est. 2500mAh eneloops)

1 (fixed)

-150 mA67 lumen16 hours 

2 (programmable)

-350 mA156 lumen  7 hours  

3 (programmable)

150 mA350 mA223 lumen  5 hours  

4 (programmable) 

700mA  -285 lumen 3.5 hours 



Setting 1 is fixed. Settings 2, 3 and 4 can be user programmed. See following table for available combinations. 



 Cree XPG2 (s3)Flood 'Off' (0mA)Flood (50mA) Flood (150mA)Flood (350mA)Flood (700mA)

Spot 'Off' (0mA)

- 22 lumen  67 lumen (1) 156 lumen (2) 285 lumen  

Spot (50mA)

22 lumen 44 lumen 89 lumen  178 lumen  307 lumen 

Spot (150mA)

67 lumen  89 lumen  134 lumen  223 lumen (3) 

352 lumen 

Spot (350mA)

156 lumen 178 lumen  223 lumen  312 lumen  441 lumen 

Spot (700mA)

285 lumen (4) 307 lumen   352 lumen   441 lumen   570 lumen 





v5 Programming button




Factory default wiring for cell

packs up to 5.5v (includes 3s or 4s nimh,

and 1s 3.7v li-ion)  


Alternative wiring (user option) for cell

packs up to 7.5v, e.g. 5s 1.2v-1.5v nimh

e.g. Speleo Technics FX5 or Kirby Kidney

Pack  (now only available special order, contact us) 



For information on how to operate, program and configure settings, see PL Omni v5 operation





Please note; fitting guide shows previous generation modules. The basic principal remains the same. Contact us if you experience any difficulties.


The PL Omni v5 has; 1 red wire connected within lamp unit directly to the +ve feed from the battery pack, and 2 black wires, connected on the -ve feed from the battery to either side of the Oldham / CEAG switch. 


CustomPITLAMP Fitting & Operation Guide 


As the maximum input for the PL 'Omni' modules is 5.5 volts, they are not suitable for use with Speleo Technics FX5, Kirby kidney packs or other 5 cell arrangements that charge up to 7.0+ volts. However, the 'Omni' can, on request (contact us), be reconfigured to work effectively on FX5 and similar higher input voltage battery arrangements.   


To fully benefit from highest setting PL Omni will require good batteries capable of delivering current to LEDs, otherwise it will run low. 


PL Omni v4 now discontinued.





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