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SL-700 (v2) Module




Retrofit LED module for UK (Underwater Kinetics) Sunlight SL4 xenon dive lights; popular for cave diving


Highest efficiency Cree s3 LEDs, now with 5500k (156 lumen/watt)


Regulated 700mA driver circuit providing 285 lumen


Bright power setting; sensible balance between light output, thermal sustainability and battery output and duration**


5.5 degree real spot optic


Custom machined heat sink


Long, slow death once cells cannot sustain regulated current 


Easy fitting, just 'flip in' and go (well, almost, see module fitting guide).




Recommended for use in water.


Substantially better performance than the UK SL4 Xenon (113 lumen at 5.5 Watts), and brighter than latest SL4 eLED*


NiMh or Alkaline (6v max.)








* UK SL4 (Xenon). 113 lumen at 5.5 Watts)


* UK SL4 eLED. Claimed 400 lumen for 10 hours on alkaline C cells; umhh !!  Graph on data sheet shows 230 lumen (for 6-7 hours) to be a more realistic figure.


UK eLED output appears to be either resistor controlled; or current control regulation has been set at an unsustainable level and consequently output is battery limited causing eLED to drop almost immediately out of regulation. Without getting inside of an eLED, we would not like to second guess which of these two mechanisms is applicable. To achieve output and duration figures as per graph, one must assume that eLED uses LEDs with performance approaching that of the latest Cree LEDs !! 



** Flippin Tec modules use high temperature rated LEDs, dumping a significant amount of the heat generated by LED via internal heatsinking and through the batteries. The SL700 module has been tested for thermal sustainability. Testing using 4500mAh Ansmann C cells. Duration 6+ hours. As a precautionary measure (probably unnecessary), to protect against thermal damage to the SL4 optical window, we suggest operation in water; it is a dive light.






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