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18650 Battery Holders 

Range of versatile 'project' battery holders for individual 3.7v 18650 li-ion batteries. Holders available for 1, 2, 3 or 4 cells. Simple to assemble and configure. Battery easily wired in any series / parallel configuration using convenient solder jumpers on end contact PCBs. Strategic holes to accomodate wiring between contact end PCBs if needed, with short length of suitable gauge equipment wire supplied.
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Configuarble to user specific requirement (as follows); 


1 cell holder; 3.7v

2 cell holder; 3.7v (2p) or 7.4v (2s)

3 cell holder; 3.7v (3p) or 11.1v (3s)

4 cell holder; 3.7v (4p), 7.4v (2s2p) or 14.8v (4s) 



(2 cell holder, parallel wired 3.7v) 



Quality light weight alloy construction; 12g (1 cell holder), 18g (2 and 3 cell holder), 30g (4 cell holder). Robust battery contacts. White pads on end boards for convenient self-marking of configured battery polarity. Can accomodate wide range of 18650 battery sizes (they vary quite a lot !!), including shorter unprotected cells.


(top - unprotected cell, bottom - protected cell) 



Approx. holder dimensions;


1 cell holder; 80mm x 24mm x 20mm

2 cell holder; 80mm x 43mm x 20mm

3 cell holder; 80mm x 36mm (triangle)

4 cell holder; 80mm x 43mm x 37mm


Important - No assembly and wiring instructions provided. Consider it a test !!!  If you can't put this together and safely wire it up to meet your project needs, then you probably shouldn't be playing with 18650 li-ions.