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CustomDUO Modules 

The Petzl Duo is an outstanding low-mid cost caving lamp, and can be easily modified to helmet mounting 'fixo' specification (see link at bottom of page). With a suitable LED upgrade, and decent quality low self discharge NiMh batteries, the Petzl Duo is without doubt the best mid range caving lamp available.  
CustomDUO LED Modules, for the Petzl Duo, offer a significant upgrade to halogen or LED replacement bulbs.
CustomDUO modules are easy to fit, stylish, and use the most recent high power LED technology, incorporating the latest high power Cree LEDs (the brightest and most efficient LEDs available), to greatly increase light output and battery duration. CustomDUO modules are without doubt the brightest and most effective retrofit modules available. 
A flexible range of CustomDUO modules are available to meet individual needs, featuring multiple power settings and user friendly modes developed specifically for cavers. The modules feature efficient current regulation circuitry, and discreet thermal management as required. Operating modes are versatile, yet simple and non confusing. Modules are polarity protected, 6.0 volts max.

CustomDUO Modules




Omni v5    


Our best selling, bench mark insert for the Petzl Duo, now with user programmable power settings.


Incorporating the very latest Cree LEDs, with dedicated optics for optimum light output and efficiency. Programmable power settings allowing LEDs to be operated both independently or blended together, customised to specific user requirement.



Omni 'Simple'


Simple, no frills version of the Omni module. 3 fixed level power settings. 





Gecko Spot 


Cost effective, single LED spot modules ..........with Geckos !! 


Incorporating latest Cree LEDs and providing a far reaching focused beam. Direct replacement for original Petzl reflector and halogen bulb. Can be used in conjunction with Gecko Side module or standard Petzl Modu'led units.




Gecko Side 


Latest Cree LED with 'wide' optic providing a smooth flood light output.


Increased light output, enhanced light quality, and more efficient than standard Petzl Modu'led units. Designed to work with the Gecko Spot modules. 










The Online Shop allows payment with most debit and credit cards, without the requirement for a Paypal account. Add product to cart and option is offered at checkout. Customduo also accept UK cheque or bank transfer.   


International orders welcome. We are currently shipping internationally (outside UK) at no extra postal charge.  For more details please see International Delivery