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Gecko spot module has now been replaced by new Fleabi spot

Gecko Spot 
Single LED spot module, fitted in halogen position replacing original Petzl reflector. Can be used in conjunction with the 14 LED Petzl Modu'led or with Gecko Side Modules. New reflector provides a smooth far reaching beam. Ideal for checking a deep pitch or high aven. 
These LED modules are an extremely effective upgrade to the standard Petzl Duo, largely because the original halogen/ reflector combination, or LED replacement bulbs, are completely ineffective.













Latest high power Cree XP-G2 s3 5500k LED.


Reflector provides smooth far reaching beam. 


Easy fitting via a screw in mes bulb base. Replaces Petzl Duo reflector.


No power drain when switched 'off' with batteries connected.


Works with Customduo Side modules. Also works with Petzl Modu'led 14 (or other Petzl Modu'led with less LEDs), and previous generation CustomDUO Side Modules.


Single 700mA setting providing 285 lumen light output (or lower 350mA 150+ lumen setting).


Simple on/off operation. 


High output spotting beam - will drain AA batteries quickly - not intended for continuous operation.


Ideal, low cost complement to Gecko Side module or Petzl modu'led14. 


6.0 volt maximum input.


Select either 285 lumen (700mA) or 150+ lumen (350mA) light output, easily configured with on board jumper plug.




Basic thermal protection*. Current control circuit will self regulate if module reaches threshold temperature. For good battery and thermal management we suggest using 700mA setting as an intermittent spotting tool, complimented by a Customduo 'Gecko Side' module. For sustained operation of Gecko spot module we would recommend the 350mA setting as best practice.     





We get a lot of questions about the polarity of some early pre-2004 Duos. Please note that CustomDUO Modules work with all Petzl Duos. For more information on this please see the Module Fitting Guide 


Note - fitting information for Gecko Spot module not yet updated, but procedure similar and intuitive.


Fit like this, note routing of red & black wires.




* Single power Gecko Spot module uses 2 x 350mA current control chips to achieve 700mA output. Thermal protection is incorporated in these chips. One or both will shut off if module gets too hot, depending on a number of factors ...... and switch back on once suitably cooled. Significantly, these chips will get hotter on fresh batteries as these have a higher voltage, and thermal limiting will be more apparent. Once battery voltage has dropped the current regulation chips will get less hot, and sustained operation at 700mA is potentially achievable. This is a very basic overview of mechanisms in play, the control chips putting more temperature into the module than the LED. This basic thermal management enables the LED to remain well within the manufacturer specified temperature range.



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