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Gecko Side (v3)
The new Gecko Side v3 module features latest Cree xp-g3 LED, and provides a broad forward directional flood output, with 4 useful power settings up to 300+ lumen output. 





Latest high power Cree XP-G3 5000k s5 LED providing minimum 172 lumens / watt @ 350mA 

4 regulated power settings.  Low (50mA, 25 lumen), Medium (150mA, 75 lumen) and High (350mA, 172 lumen) and Turbo (700mA, 310 lumen) . This equates to approx. 50 hours, 16 hours, 7 hours and 3.5 hours using a set of 2500 mAh AA nimh batteries.
Thermal regulation on Turbo setting. This setting will typically operate for up to 1 minute max (from cold !), and for as little as a few seconds (from warm !) before thermal regulation will step power back to 350mA High in order to protect LED from over temperature operation and damage.  


Ideal upgrade for cavers, providing the soft all round illumination, desirable for negotiating cave passage.

Significantly brighter than the standard Duo 14 LED array*, and providing much improved light quality and battery efficiency! 


Progressive dimming at end of battery charge, i.e. lamp will not just shut off when batteries are flat and cannot sustain full output.


Simple, direct replacement for Petzl 14 LED array. No power drain when lamp is 'switched off' with batteries connected.


6.0 volt maximum input.





* Gecko Side modules provide significantly more light output, and improved light quality (distribution and colour), being less focused than standard 14 LED Petzl Modu'led units. The Gecko Side modules will provide more than 170 lumens at 350mA. The Petzl Modu'led 14 (producing a distinctly 'blue' light) is rated at 67 lumens at around 350mA. 


Gecko Side v2 (discontinued) 





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