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Muds' Wheat-LED  



Muds' twin LED Wheat Module 









Module to Wheat Lamp, 2 pin adapter  



Twin LEDs (spot and flood) operating seperatly or combined together, at practical output levels (alternative optic combinations on request with pre-order above).
Latest Cree LEDs 6000k providing around 400 lumens full power. 
4 modes in sequence, with 3 second 'last mode' memory.
Mode 1, 100mA flood (40 lumen); Mode 2, 350mA flood (140 lumen); Mode 3, 700mA spot (260 lumen); Mode 4, combined 700mA spot + 350mA flood (400 lumen). 
Thermal management on high settings (3 and 4). Blinky red LED for a couple of seconds if temperature threshold exceeded, and then dropping to mode 2. (note - we might not install the red LED and just let the main LEDs do this bit instead; haven't totally decided as yet).
Operation; nominal 3.6v - 6.0v max. Suit battery packs including 3 or 4 NiMh cells, 3.7v li-ion cells, or suitable Lead-acid etc ........
Simple, seamless fitting into existing bulb contacts in Wheat Lamp (just remove original reflector). We are told that this is a 5200 model Wheat headset. We have no idea if it would fit other Wheat headsets; I wouldn't bet on it.
Polarity protected. Polarity can be reversed by simply turning module by 180 deg and refitting into bulb contact adapter.
Might suit a set up something like this