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AA Battery Holder for Scurion

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(Scuri-AA battery holder is a Customduo product. It was not designed, manufactured or approved by Scurion) 





Holds 5 x AA batteries, sufficient voltage to power a Scurion. 


Suitable for NiMh or alkaline AA batteries.


For use with models of Scurion lamp using the original metal body battery box. Not compatible with the 'basic' version. 


Dyneema cord for easy removal from battery box.


Essential accessory for the expedition caver, where charging of li-ion packs can be problematic, or simply to provide limitless extra battery capacity for those occassional really long underground trips (carry as many AAs as you might need to feed it). AAs more robust than carrying spare Li-ion.


Useful backup in event of li-ion battery pack failure, and also as a diagonisis tool for lamp or battery fault (easily determine whether you have a lamp or battery pack issue, before expense of returning lamp for repair, or purchasing new li-ion battery pack, etc). 


Could be used instead of li-ion battery pack for wet caving / diving, where there is a danger of water getting into battery box and destroying expensive li-ion battery. AA batteries more tolerant of water and lower cost implication if damaged. 


Allows full operation of Scurion lamp. As 5xAA batteries provides a slightly lower nominal voltage than the 7.4v li-ion pack, the Scurion 'battery voltage monitor' may blink once when selecting higher power settings (simply because lamp is set up to recognise li-ion discharge profile). Though not necessary, the 'battery volatge monitor' function can, if you wish, be easily turned off (see page 6 Scurion manual). 5xAA likely to be sufficient to run lamp very effectively. 


Note, this product is not intended to be a replacement for the li-ion battery packs used on Scurion lamps. Li-ion battery packs provide a greater energy density (capacity) than AA batteries, and achievable operating durations are unlikely to be comparable. 5xAA batteries could be expected to provide around 15Wh, as compared to around 35Wh for a 4 cell li-on battery to fit a Scurion. However, AA cells offers some useful benefits, and are significantly more effectively than 9v pp3 batteries (possibly 1.5Wh).   


 12v car charger for Scurion





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